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I have always said that if I could do it all over again I would follow my passion for good food and the culinary arts by becoming a chef. Through my travels and experiences throughout Europe, I have fallen in love with the inspirational creations and mouth-watering designs of the world’s top pastry chefs. It is my love for all things delicious from the master chefs of England and France who continually reinvent their craft through imagination and their necessity for the tools with a perfect blend of functionality and character that has captured my heart. My fascination for this creative process has led me down a path to the finest and most desirable cookware anywhere in the world.

The first time I went to Europe, it was on a buying trip for vintage silver pieces from the grand hotels of London. One day, while walking through Portobello, I found myself surrounded by the true ancient treasures of Europe that were in danger of being lost to history. I met a sweet woman who sold restored Georgian copper cookware and I could not take my eyes off this wondrous beauty. I wanted every piece of copper I saw that day as they were like nothing I had ever seen before. I noticed such differences between vintage copper and mass-produced modern day cookware I was familiar with in large chain stores. I bought my first vintage copper piece that day and even though I didn’t know it at the time, that stockpot was to become my inspiration in starting Coppermill Kitchen.

When I returned home I learned everything I could about English and French copper including the range of pieces, how they were made, time periods, different makers’ marks, quality versus fake, and so on. Through my research, I was always meeting people who were seamlessly becoming my teachers and mentors. As time went on, I continued collecting my own vintage European copper.

My private collection quickly became my passion. As it grew, I knew I wanted to share my treasures with anyone who shared my passion in culinary arts and wanted the best cookware anywhere in the world. When local chefs learned about my private collection, it didn’t take long before they wanted to teach and share with me recipes that complimented my copper. I will share with you, through my blog, the lessons I’ve learned from these master chefs.

In 2013, I decided to create a second branch of Coppermill Kitchen which features reproduced antique copper cookware and table top accessories, our CMK brand. I noticed that some rare pieces were so well received that designing and creating some of them made sense. I also love some table top items such as tea towels, napkin rings, and ceramics that I wanted to include them in the CMK product line.
Bon appétit!