About CoppermillKitchen

Coppermill Kitchen embraces family and tradition as the most important value. From this, we design products that are not only conversation pieces, but bring people together through the inspiration of copper antique pieces that were created long ago.We specialize in our antique copper cookware and our reproduction copper line of products. Our antique copper dates back to the 19th century and has been fully restored to its original beauty using tin lining for exceptional cooking and functionality. Our CMK signature products have been designed with an expert eye for detail, each product marries vintage character and modern functionality to create timeless style and are produced where history and tradition is a way of life. Coppermill Kitchen celebrates handmade products made from artists and craftsmen with pride and love. Each product has been inspired by our antique copper and tells a story from traditions that began long ago, destined to be part of your celebrations for generations to come. Today, the products that we create have expanded and continue to evolve beyond the kitchen and into the home with its vintage furnishings. It’s all about the stories that each piece brings into the home. Coppermill Kitchen has always placed a great emphasis and love for the process of new product development. Throughout the world, we have embraced each region and its rich history and people from diverse cultures and traditions creating products in the modern world with methods that were handed down through generations. 

We simply fell in love with the art of creating beautiful products that told a unique story. We are most proud of the culture we have created. Everyone involved in our Coppermill family, including manufacturers and suppliers, bring their love of family and tradition to each product created. Providing jobs and careers for people who share their passion for creating products that will be with a family for generations is especially important.

The Founder Coppermill Kitchen was founded by Beth Ann Luke, who found inspiration on Portobello Road in London. Beth began curating one-of-a-kind antique copper cookware in categories including stock pots, strainers, tea kettles, sauce pans, moulds, and more. Her vision was to create a company that shared her values of family, friends, and celebration. She wanted to create a company where tradition and culture were hallmarks of everyday life. Her eye for beauty and all things exceptional has led to the creation of the world’s finest copperwares. She is inspired by old-world charm, modern functionality, and a passion for the culinary arts.