Coppermill Kitchen is comprised of antique and new copperware, hand-picked or designed by our expert eye. The brand marries vintage character and modern luxury to source and produce cookware with timeless style and functionality.

Coppermill Kitchen’s restored antique copper cookware includes one-of-a-kind pieces crafted by European artisans in simpler times. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, selecting only items that communicate the story of the piece or its maker with unique marks and craftsmanship.

Sourcing these treasures in the streets of historic European towns is a true labor of love. Searching for hours might only yield one piece that belongs in the collection. Selections are transported to the United States, where they are carefully restored to their former glory.

In 2013, Coppermill Kitchen launched CMK products, a line of reproductions based on my best-selling antique pieces. This label continues to expand and make unique copper pieces more accessible.


For more than 500 years, copper cookware has been the cornerstone of the sophisticated kitchen. Its characteristics are not just aesthetic—cooking with copper produces some of the finest cuisines.


Copper has a superior heat transmission, which requires less heat to cook. This process preserves the nutritional value as well as the delicate flavors and aromas of each dish. For comparison, stainless steel has a very low heat transmission, which creates hot spots where food will stick and burn to the cookware.

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Culinary artistry is my passion. If I had it to do over again, I would become a chef. My story instead led me to my second love: antique cookware. I am continually inspired by the master chefs of England and France, who continually reinvent their craft through imagination and necessity. Their creative process has captured my heart, sending me on a quest for the most unique and desirable cookware in the world.


I literally stumbled upon copper cookware. On my first trip to Europe, I was on a buying trip for a former employer. While searching for vintage silver pieces from the grand hotels of London, I found the true antique treasures of Europe that were in danger of being lost forever. On a rainy day in Portobello, I met a woman who sold restored Georgian copper cookware, and I was instantly enchanted by the colors and textures—as rich as their individual histories. I was shocked by the difference between these artisan-made pieces and the mass-produced copper cookware I was familiar with. I purchased my first stockpot, and the seed was planted.