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We create and source luxury copperware, home furnishings, décor, housewares, and more from the heart of Turkey to bring century old tradition to your home. Designed with an expert eye for detail, each product marries vintage character and modern functionality to create timeless style and are produced where history and tradition is a way of life. We celebrate our hand made products made from artists and craftsmen with pride and love. Each product tells a story from traditions that began long ago, destined to be part of your celebrations for generations to come.

Coppermill Kitchen is a woman-owned business where we believe life is worth celebrating. And for every occasion, memories are created and cherished to last a lifetime. 

These memories are passed down from generation to generation to create a family’s legacy. Coppermill Kitchen was established to enhance these moments in life with old-world-inspired copperwares. 


Each Coppermill Kitchen piece has been carefully designed and crafted with the finest copper in the world. We specialize in serve ware, cookware, bakeware, barware, and more. Our copperware is created from a rich history of culture and tradition to last a lifetime. 

Coppermill Kitchen Bowl


For more than 500 years, copper cookware has been the cornerstone of the sophisticated kitchen. Its characteristics are not just aesthetic—cooking with copper produces some of the finest cuisines.


Copper has a superior heat transmission, which requires less heat to cook. This process preserves the nutritional value as well as the delicate flavors and aromas of each dish. For comparison, stainless steel has a very low heat transmission, which creates hot spots where food will stick and burn to the cookware.

Coppermill Kitchen Saute Pan
Beth Ann Luke, Founder, Coppermill Kitchen, LLC

Coppermill Kitchen’s Founder

Coppermill Kitchen was founded by Beth Ann Luke, whose single vision was to create a company that shared her values of family, friends, and celebration. She wanted to create a company where tradition and culture were hallmarks of everyday life. Her eye for beauty and all things exceptional has led to the creation of the world’s finest copperwares. She is inspired by old-world charm, modern functionality, and a passion for the culinary arts.

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